Adopt A Puffle
Adopt A Puffle February 2011

Date released March 17, 2006[1]
Available? Discontinued
Update frequency Whenever new puffle is discovered
Items sold Puffles
Where found Pet Shop

Adopt A Puffle (formerly known as Adopting and Caring for Your Puffle) was a guide and catalog located in the Pet Shop. It provided information about puffles and let players adopt them. It was removed after the Pet Shop was renovated on March 8, 2011.


Topics inside

Old topics

  • Table of Contents
  • About the Puffles
  • Puffle Colors
    • Blue Puffle
    • Red Puffle
    • Pink Puffle
    • Black Puffle
    • Green Puffle
    • Purple Puffle
    • Yellow Puffle
  • Puffle Care
    • I Have a Puffle, What Do I Do Now?
    • The Puffle Player Card
    • Puffle Walking
    • What Happens When I'm Gone?
    • My Puffle Is Gone! What Happened?




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