Activity Zone
Puffle Feeding Room'

The Activity Zone during a Puffle Party.

Where North of the Snow Forts
Opened N/A
Closed N/A
Mini-games Puffle Soaker, Balloon Pop
Room ID N/A
Tour Description
Were you looking for the Puffle Play Zone?

The Activity Zone is an area in Club Penguin, where party rooms open during some parties, and are decorated to fit the parties' theme. It's located in between the Clock Tower and the Stadium.


Room Parties
Bonus Game Room The Fair (2008-2012)
Puffle Feeding Area Puffle Parties (2009-2013)
Music Maker 3000 Music Jams (2009-2011)
Downtown Showdown Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012
Epic Show Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam
Cookie Shop and Bakery Holiday Party 2012
High Speed Getaway Set Hollywood Party
Campus Quad Monsters University Takeover
Big Momma's Backstage Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam
Train Station Holiday Party 2013
Elsa's Ice Palace Frozen Party and Frozen Fever Party 2015



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