8th Anniversary Party

Members only? No
When October 24–31, 2013
Free Item(s) 8th Anniversary Hat
This Old Town
Aunt Arctic's Press Giveaway
Location Coffee Shop
Mascot(s) Aunt Arctic

The 8th Anniversary Party was an anniversary party that celebrated the 8th anniversary of Club Penguin. It took place from October 24 to 31, 2013.

Free Items

Image Item Location Members only?
8th Anniversary Party Hat
8th Anniversary Hat Coffee Shop No
ThisOldTownicon This Old Town Background Coffee Shop No
Clothing Icons 9196 Aunt Arctic's Press Giveaway Meeting Aunt Arctic No



Sneak Peeks


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Tour Guide Description

Room Message
Coffee Shop Here is our was made for our 8th anniversary. You can pick up an anniversary hat...and join the party. There is cake for everyone over here. Take a photo to celebrate the day...or see our samples...from the jackhammer's history!



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