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3 Coin Bubbles
3 Coins Bubbles Stamp
Type Games → Puffle Rescue
Difficulty Hard
Members only? Yes
Release date August 30, 2010
Stamp ID 157
Description Find 3 coin bags in a bubble in the sea levels

3 Coin Bubbles is a hard difficulty stamp in Club Penguin, only available to be obtained by members. In order to obtain this stamp, you must find three coin bubbles in the sea levels of Puffle Rescue.

How to obtain

To find the third coin bag, you must have first obtained the first coin bag in a bubble in level 7 and the second in level 8. In level 9, near the top of the level, there will be a bubble shaped like an arrow. Use the bubble to bounce over to a giant bubble, which will launch you to the bubble containing the coin bag. Pop the bubble, and the coin bag will then automatically be obtained. Then, go back down to the giant bubble, and use it to go back to the main level.

Note: If you have all three Black Puffles with you, you will be too heavy to reach the giant bubble. Make sure you don't have more than two. It is recommended to wait until after obtaining the coin bag to rescue the puffles.


  • This stamp was released on August 30th, 2010, along with the other Puffle Rescue stamps.

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese3 Moedas Marinhas
French3 Bulles surprises
Spanish3 burbumonedas
German3 Münzenblasen
RussianПузырьки с 3 монетами

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