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1st Year Party Hat
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available No
Type head item
Member item No
Party 1st Anniversary Party
Cost Free
Where found Coffee Shop
Item ID 444
Unlockable No

The 1st Year Party Hat is an extremely rare head item in Club Penguin. It was given out, like all anniversary party hats, as a free head item during the annual one-day-only Anniversary Parties on October 24, 2006. The party, like all other Anniversary Parties after it, was held in the Coffee Shop.


Party Room Available on Available until
1st Anniversary Party Coffee Shop October 24, 2006 October 24, 2006



  • When the colors on the hat are inverted, they become pink and yellow, like the colors of the Party Hat.
  • Oddly, on the server "Sleet", this party hat is seen a lot more than the 2nd Anniversary Hat. This is probably because most rare penguins that go on the server Sleet have both the 1st and 2nd Year Party Hat, but they would rather want to display their rarest hat (i.e. 1st Anniversary Hat).
  • If you wear this or any other Anniversary Hats (apart from the 7th Anniversary Hat and the 8th Anniversary Hat) and go to the Fire Dojo or Water Dojo, Sensei will comment "I see you're wearing an Anniversary Hat. I like pointy hats."
  • It is the second party hat in Club Penguin.
  • Like all other Party Hats, this hat will never return.
  • This is only one of the two party hats that were obtainable before Disney bought Club Penguin, the first being the Party Hat.
  • It is considered the second rarest item in Club Penguin, as said in the book 'Party Time, All the Time!' However, this is false, as the second rarest item is the Hawaiian Lei.
  • Strangely, the item has a higher item ID than the 2nd Year Party Hat.




Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseChapéu da Festa do 1o Aniversário
FrenchLe Chapeau de Fête 1e année
SpanishSombrero del 1° aniversario
GermanHut zum 1. Jahrestag
RussianПраздничная шляпа в честь первой годовщины

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